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Membrane Process Modeling

А.Н. Филиппов

The Department of Higher Mathematics of Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas (National Research University) is organizing a two-day web-conference entitled "Membrane Process Modeling" on December 3-4, 2020.

The conference will celebrate the 60th birthday of the Department Professor Anatoly Nikolaevich Filippov.

The conference program will consist of lectures invited by the members of the Program Committee.

The working language of the conference is English.

Conference poster

Key speakers

Reinhard Miller (University of Darmstadt, Germany)

Victor V. Nikonenko (Kuban State University, Russia)

Isaak Rubinstein (Ben Gurion University, Israel)

Valery V. Ugrozov (Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, Russia)

Makhamet A. Urtenov (Kuban State University, Russia)

Olga I. Vinogradova (Frumkin Institute of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia) TBA

Boris Zaltzman (Ben Gurion University, Israel)

Conference Program

will be announced before November 16, 2020

Book of Abstracts

We are planning to publish an extended book of abstracts. Apart from the invited lecture abstracts it will include other abstracts related to the topic of the conference and approved by the Program Committee. Interested researchers are invited to send their abstracts to the Organizing Committee at the following e-mail address: membranes.filippov60@gmail.com

The deadline for abstract submission is November 1, 2020.

Abstract template

Program Committee

Prof. Victor M. Starov (Loughborough University, UK) - the Chairman

Corr. Member of RAS Andrey B. Yaroslavtsev (Kurnakov Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry, Russia)

Prof. Victor V. Nikonenko (Kuban State University, Russia)

Organizing Committee

Prof. Dmitry V. Millionshchikov - the Chairman

Ass. Prof. Yulia O. Koroleva

Ass. Prof. Daria Yu. Khanukaeva - the Secretary

e-mail: membranes.filippov60@gmail.com

Zoom meeting details

Topic: MPM-Filippov-60

Link to the Zoom Session is here

Conference ID: 881 4412 5343

Password: 512544

Наш адрес
119991, Москва Ленинский проспект, 65. Комната 1410. Телефон: (499) 507-86-73, е-mail: vm@gubkin.ru
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